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Going public?


UX Lead
Web | Public Company | Mar-Tech | Global

When going public, your messages change. your brand image change. your audience change.
Your website would have to evolve

The challenge

In 2019, after merging two established companies, the mar-tech joint venture "Zoomd" went public on the Toronto stock exchange.
Shortly after, the company realized it needed to address several new challenges - the first being public investors, and establishing the image of the brand as an investment-worthy franchise.
This called for a facelift to the old set of digital assets, with the website taking a front seat.


Analyzing habits, needs and user journeys

Approaching this challenge, we first needed to understand the goals of the target audience who was already using the previous website, and the potential new audience that was expected to use the website.
We followed by analyzing their habits, such as prefered devices, languages etc.
These would help us define our optimal project's preferences, such as
"Mobile or desktop first?"


Website Architecture

Our conclusions are then combined with the goals of the client (the company) and additional requirements, to create the fundamentals of the website - The UX architecture diagram

architecture 29.6.20.png

Planning every screen

Planning carefully at an early stage - using low fidelity wireframing and prototyping - enables the entire team to improve their work accuracy, minimize mistakes and avoid double work. 
This, more than anything, helps reducing costs and speeds up the process in the following design and development phases.
It also provides the client and any stakeholder an early view of the predicted outcome.
This latter benefit allows for additional teams like marketing, copywriting, IT, Sales and others to begin work sooner than usual, preparing the infrastructure and as a result - reducing the total length of the project.

architecture 29.6.20.png

Innovating while keeping the brand's identity

On some projects, the new product requires new branding and we work along with it.
On other projects, such as this one, the brand language was both efficient in conveying the brand message, and also already strongly associated with the brand.
This had us work along the existing brand guidelines, keeping a delicate balance between innovating and providing a new experience - while still sticking to the brand's identity 


The outcome

A fully responsive website experience,
combining credibility, aesthetics & Innovation with effective functionality

1-2 (2).png
Media Center (2).png

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