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A top law firm needs a website to match 


UX Lead
Web | Corporate | Legal | Global

A top-20 law firm,
with a website lagging far behind.
Something had to be done

The challenge

Law firms, more than others, build their business relationships on Trust.
The website, representing the front line of an international law firm's reputation - had to convey its owners as trustworthy, while also standing out in a global "red ocean" full of law firms competing for similar clients.
In addition, an abundance of articles, information, employees and other types of data had to be easily accessible and located.

Tadmor-Levy & co logo (Credit: Gal Zacay)

Analyzing law firm's needs and journeys

As with every product, we first needed to understand the goals of the target audience who aimed to use the website. It is then combined with the goals of the client and additional requirements, to create the fundamentals of the website - The UX architecture diagram

architecture - 5.2.19 - 21 screens.png

Planning every screen

Planning carefully at an early stage - using low fidelity wireframing and prototyping - enables the entire team to be extremely accurate with their work, minimize mistakes and double work. 
This more than anything helps reducing costs and speeds up the process in the following design and development phases.
It also provides the client and any stakeholder an early view of the predicted outcome. This allows for additional teams like marketing, copywriting, IT, Sales and others to begin work sooner than usual, preparing the infrastructure and reducing the total length of the project.


Graphic design -
Bringing wireframes to life

The connection between the UX and Graphic design phases is crucial. 
When the two phases are in sync, the result is both functional and aesthetic, all the while fulfilling the organization's business goals

Hero - Gif.gif

The outcome

A fully responsive experience,
combining prestige, aesthetics & accurate functionality

Mockup Colaj_-_tadmor_levi - narrow bord

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