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Creating a new product


Product & UX Lead
Mobile Web | Sports | Finance | Startup

Combining Sports & the Stockmarket?
Real-world data meet gamified mechanics??
Getting acquired before the official launch???
"SportsTraders" had it all, and much more...

From an idea, to a live product with a valid business model

In this project I had the pleasure accompanying the entrepreneurs from the very early stages of the product’s creation  – From conducting market research and opportunity analysis, to defining the product roadmap, through wireframing, prototyping, graphic design and development.

SportsTraders - Project timeline.png

Building for
the startup lifecycle

Understanding how startups grow, make decisions and evolve their product is critical. 
From this understanding, the product was built in a modular way, where every stage in the early product's lifecycle (Alpha-Beta-MVP...) is built on top of the latter, keeping what's working well and changing what requires improvement. 
This guarantees maximum efficiency - optimizing the product based on actual and proven usage, and minimizing waste.


Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping​

Planning carefully at early stages, using low fidelity wireframing and prototyping - enables the entire team to be extremely accurate with their work, minimize mistakes and double work and reduce costs.
It also provides the client and any stakeholder an early view of the predicted outcome. This allows for additional teams like marketing, IT, Sales and others to begin work sooner than usual, preparing the infrastructure and reducing the overall time to market.

1- MVPScreensFlowChart - No

Graphic design -
The Concept phase

Graphic design is an important aspect of any product.
However, its goal is not to only to make sure the product looks good. It's a crucial factor in building strong relationship and trust with our target audience.
Moreover, a theme that works well with one audience, might not be as efficient with another - even if both look great.
It's crucial to find the best match to maximize your business goals.

Here is a peek at some of our "Sportstraders" design concept process output - all these are different designs for the same screen.
Mind you that none of these was eventually chosen...

Portfolio page sketches (Designs by Tom Enzi)

Clear communication with the development team

Accurate, lean & cristal clear specifications are another crucial part of a successful development project.
It allows for accurate, assumption-free development work, regardless of which part of the world the development teams are located...

Spec sample.png
Beta - Buy Screen.png

The outcome

research, spec, design & development of the initial beta version took about 3 months in total.
Link to product

Immediately after, the business team started to look for publishers' cooperations as the main channel to distribute the product.
In just a few months, the product was acquired by renown gaming giants
link to article

Portfolio & Single stock pages (Design by Tom Enzi)

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