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Product Management

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The Product Manager's goal is to guarantee the product answers the Target audience's needs, while driving the organization towards its business goals. 
It is the function that connects the Entrepreneurs, Target Audience, Marketing & Sales, Design & R&D, QA & Support, and many more. It requires Business & Technical understanding, Creative & Problem-solving approach, Analytic skills & the ability to spot and make use of an opportunity. 

But perhaps above all, it requires Empathy.  


Your users are complaining?
That's great!

Converting User feedback to actionable product insights, using the '5 WHYs' technique

(Methodology & examples)
7 min read

Stock Market Graph

Unlocking Product growth

Achieving a 10X increase in a young product's DAU, through product management & UX design methods

(Full Case study)
30 min read

Funny scuba device.jpg

Product-Market fit,
The search for the holy grail

Achieving a product-market fit is the #1 priority for any aspiring start-up

(Frontal lecture deck)
12 min read

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